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Ever since I started with color science and more complex grading, I wished there was a build in 3D RGB scope in Davinci Resolve on the color page. Now it is here! 


The RGB cube scope shows you a plot of all the colors from the source image in 3D space. Currently the scope reads 33x33 samples (or higher). The performance can be a bit slow at higher sample sizes, so make sure you dont set the sample size too high. I am looking into heavy optimizations, and ways to plot all the pixels of the source image with very fast performance. But for now it needs to work with a lower sample size (which is still really great!). 


-3D RGB Plotting on the  Davinci Resolve color page.

-Strength settings fow viewing

-Full camera rotation and position shifting.

-Full screen and small viewing modes.

-Turn on/off achromatic axis for reference.


I am currently working on some very exciting features that will be implemented soon:

- Plotting a single or two Macbeth charts. This can be very helpful if you are trying to match a source and target camera with very high precision!

-View specific hue ranges so you can focus on a specified hue.

If you have any feature requests, please let my now via instagram DM! :)

3D RGB Plotting Scope for Davinci Resolve (DCTL)

€ 60,00 Regular Price
€ 54,00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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