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A selection of digital film screengrabs

PLEASE NOTE that some images have not been updated just yet with the latest version of the Kodak 500T color science. 

Below you will find some screengrabs*  from digital film, emulating Kodak Vision3 5219 500T, and Kodak Vision3 7219 500T.. These shots were graded with theatrical luminance in mind. It is a mix from ARRI Alexa, BMPCC4K, BMPCC6K, URSA Mini G2, and RED Gemini. All non ARRI camera's are matched mathematically with a technical transform LUT to Alexa LogC Wide Gamut.   

* All images have a Kodak 5219 500T technical transform applied. However, the developed color science changed over time as I analyse more samples, so the Cineon base varies from project to project. Also, various custom film print emulations were used. This is partially done for aesthetics, but also to demonstrate that the images don't fall apart. Apart from this, no heavy grading was done.

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